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Sunday, February 19, 2012

How can a Computer 'DIE'....sounds unbelievable, but true!!! (PART-I:Reasons & Causes)

Death of a Computer!

So, have you ever performed a 'funeral' of your computer? This would be the dumbest question you might have heard in your whole life. Actually, its not that your computer dies, but the 'operating system' residing in your computer gets 'corrupted' due to some or the other reason. In simple words, you may call it that your computer 'crashed'. You might have heard many people speaking about a computer 'crash', and it would be rather true to say that this crash is due to a very critical problem arising in the system. Now, mostly and let me say it generally or technically, this 'crash' is called the 'Blue Screen Error' or the 'Death Screen'.

Mostly, these errors pop up on your computer screen as 'STOP ERRORS'. And when you start watching at your screen making an oval of your mouth, this error becomes a great concern for you. Even sometimes these errors may pop up at the ATMs and you may not be able to withdraw money....and then you start cursing that poor ATM machine! To start with, let me discuss the core reasons for these STOP errors.

Actually, in the real life environment, the causes of these errors might be really difficult to be recognized. If you are using Microsoft Windows XP/Vista/7, then you can view the error 'code' on the blue screen that appears.

Well, can you see the highlighted area in the above image? The 0x0000007B is the error code. Now, following may be the most common reasons for the STOP errors:

(i) Hardware & External Devices: This devices such as the CD-ROM, USB Drives etc., may cause
    such types of errors if they are malfunctioning. Detaching these type of devices without using the
   'Safely remove Hardware' command. Removing such external devices suddenly results in corruption
    of the device and sometimes causes damage to the computer.

(ii) Running lot of programs at the same time: Accepted that a computer is a device that is multitask
    enabled. But, this too, has a limit! If you keep on running many programs, the computer will start
    running out of memory. This will cause the Blue Screen error to pop up. In technical terms, this
    condition  is called the Memory Dump.

(iii) Malfunctioning of Device Drivers: First of all, let me make you understand the term 'driver'.A
    driver is a special 'program' that makes your computer communicate with the hardware or
    external hardware such as the printer, CD-ROM etc. And yes, this thing may be the reason for
    the STOP Error. If your device drivers are corrupted due some or the other reasons, BSE may pop

(iv) Corrupted Startup Files: Now, this is the most concerning reasons of all. If the Operating System
      files are corrupted or are damaged by malicious software or virus attacks, then it may result your
      system to crash unexpectedly. 

(v) BIOS Settings: BIOS (Basic Input/Output System) settings, if configured erroneously, then they
     might result in STOP Errors.

These were the most common reasons for STOP errors to pop up on your computer screen. These
require immediate attention since they are 'critical' and your system cannot function normally due to the damage caused to it.

In the next part, I will be discussing the solutions to the above errors alongwith the error codes,
so stay tuned to my blog!


  1. wit ref to pnt 1 of hardware n external devices u hv mentioned dat if the devices are detached incorrectly it may result in malfunctioning...bt sumtyms evn wen i use the 'safely remove command' it shows an error 'unable 2 remove device safely' types..why so?

  2. Hmmm, now you have a totally different question here. 'Safely Remove Hardware' command lets you remove your external devices safely. In this case, all the processes that are related to the external devices terminate, when you click the Safely Remove Hardware utility.

    Sometimes, there are processes that cannot be terminated when you intend to remove the hardware safely. A common reason for this might be any Window left open that is displaying the contents of the external device. Another reason may be that your antivirus program may be scanning your external device. Or it may be that a virus is preventing your external device to be safely removed.

    Now, removing external device directly may be difficult in these cases. You must then look out for those processes that may be preventing your external device to be safely removed.