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Tuesday, February 14, 2012

HTTP 404 'NOT FOUND'.....One of the most irritating errors in the world!!!!!

What do you mean by HTTP error 404?

Irritating, hopeless, useless....etc, that's what you must be uttering when you have this error on your screen.

But have you ever tried to 'discover' what is this error or why does it pop out, either by Googling it or otherwise?

Hmmm, now let me explain what is this 'irritating' thing....

*click on the image to view it larger

Now, have a look at the above diagram....I will make you understand in a simplest manner....
1. HTTP (Hyper Text Transfer Protocol) is a request-reply protocol (protocol:digital rules that
    enable computer systems to communicate with each other).

2. Imagine that you are using Mozilla Firefox as your Web browser (I will call you person X). When
    you type http://www.abc.com, your web browser uses HTTP to reach to abc.com.

3. Now, a request, called the HTTP Get Request is sent by your Web Browser to get the web page
    from abc.com. In simpler words, your web browser requests the abc.com's server to send you a
    web page.

4. Now, the server located at abc.com sends HTTP Reply message to your PC telling it that whether
    your HTTP Get Request can be served.
    (i) OK: HTTP Request can be served, you receive the abc.com's webpage.....gr8!!!you are
         successful in this case!
    (ii) HTTP 404 'NOT FOUND': Oooopss.....the request cannot be served by abc.com's server.....
         now this is what you term it in simple words 'Irritating'!!!!!!!!!!

5. Lastly, if your request is 'OK' then the reply code is 200 instead of 404.....the only difference is
    that your Web Browser does not show you the 200 code.......hmmm, I wish it would have
    shown....atleast we would have said 'GR8, I received the web page'!!!!!!

I hope you will now understand why you see that 404 error!!!!

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