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Wednesday, February 15, 2012

HTTP 503 Error....What the hell!!!!

Another Error....HTTP Error 503: Service Temporarily Unavailable

 Now this really increases the temperature of your brain that it gets ready to blow out of your skull!!!

 Actually, one of my friends is really getting frustrated when she has to see this type of error when she is awaiting for her results on a website (I have never awaited for such things ever in my life!!!!). I
thank her to lot much extents because her query regarding this type of error made me write this post!!!
Alright, jokes apart!!!! Let me give out a detailed description of this type of error with a diagrammatic representation.

I hope you must have read my 'HTTP Error:404' post I wrote on 14th Feb. Now, as we know that
your PC sends a HTTP Get Request to the web server and in turn, the web server sends HTTP Reply
to your PC with code 200 (if it is successful) & 404 (if it wants to irritate you...err...I mean if it
cannot serve your request).

Now, HTTP 503 is a kind of a temporary situation where the server gets overloaded with too many requests (requests from many computers who are trying to access that website). Imagine you are a
server and there are 2 people around you are (computers) asking you some questions. Hmmm, you
can answer them, I think quite comfortably. But imagine there 10 persons (computers) asking you
questions at the same time, you will say 'just shut uppppp!!!! you are making me go out of my senses!!!!!'
The same thing happens with that poor server and when it reaches its limit of its tolerance, then it
 sends you the HTTP 503 error....really poor server...you should feel really sorry for it when you see 503!!!!!

Another reason for this error to pop up on your screen is that the server may be under maintainance
....system administrators might be 'repairing' it. I will not go much into the depth of this 'maintainance' aspect because it will run into pages!!!!

This 503 is a temporary condition, once the traffic to the server reduces or when the server 
maintainance task is complete, it will soon be up.

I hope you will now understand what is 503 error. 

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