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Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Human Brain.....the configured organ!

Have you ever imagined....what is the potential of the thing that is makes you imagine, that makes you think?
Yes, this thing, the human brain is something that is filled with enormous intelligence & is bestowed with abilities to think, innovate & imagine. This is true to science & technology, accounting, architecture, engineering, medical sciences, legal issues and to lot and much more aspects. People, in their own fields keep on innovating and these innovations make that field dynamic.

Secondly, innovations cannot be made without the aid of perspective. Perspective? Rightly, perspective to look at things around is the most crucial aspect. Why are innovators, scientists and other great people who have been bringing revolutions different from us? The reason is simple-their perspective, in other words, how they look at things around them. Why was Newton the only person who thought that there must be some force that must be pulling down an apple which got detached from the tree branch? This was his perspective to look at things. Our perspective-who has time to sit under an apple tree to think about a falling apple?? It is not necessary to 'fetch' time to innovate things, but to look at things more closely and imaging or finding out the reasons as to why a particular thing or a process works in a particular manner.

Capacity of human brain...??? What do you think it might be....is it in megabytes (Mb), Gigabytes (Gb), Terabytes (Tb) or more than that? Hmmm, the answer is not precise, but even where the largest computers have the capacity of 10 to the power of 12, imagine what must be the capacity of the thing that invented these 'largest' computers.

Thinking deeply on a particular aspect requires that part of your brain to be more active. Likewise, when we think that 'My friend is more intelligent in Math than me', we are actually wrong. When human brains are 'manufactured', they are bestowed with the same quantum of intelligence, though there are some exceptions.
But speaking out on general terms, when a person shows his skills in a particular field, we must conclude that his brain is active (configured mainly ) for that particular activity.

Verdict-look out at things with a sharp perspective, get to know about your ability and continue the process of innovations!

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